Marli's Room Makeover!

Monday, April 13, 2015

This post has been a long time coming. Marli's room was one of the main reasons that we bought our house. It has built in bookshelves and a window seat that spans an entire wall, such a great focal point for a room. I envisioned Marli growing up in there from the moment we walked in. It was such a dream. The room was painted a rusty orange, I knew immediately that it had to go. I'm not a fan of very dark or super rich colors in bedrooms, especially children's rooms. When it came time to paint the room I had a few colors in mind but ultimately I wanted to leave the decision up to Marli, it was her room after all. I showed her a few coral colors peachy pinks but she had something different in mind. She ended up choosing a really muddy reddish salmon color that I only ever describe as disgusting. I absolutely loathe the color and since the day we finished painting it I was NOT happy. But Marli had chosen the color and I was going to respect her choice. As parents we are supposed to let our children make their own mistakes so they can learn from them. This was one of those great lessons. For two years we lived with this color and several times Marli wanted to re-decorate but couldn't find any bedding that matched her crazy wall color. Everything clashed with it, it made her room look small and dark, it was an awful time. I know I sound so dramatic but nothing is more frustrating then a great room ruined by bad color choices. This room drove me nuts.
For Marli's sixth birthday she was finally ready, she wanted me to give her room a makeover as her gift. I was so happy and I immediately started collecting ideas for Marli to look at. I started a Pinterest board, which you can see here, and let her help in the process. We slowly started buying bedding and accessories and over the last couple of months put everything together. The last step was paint, this time Marli agreed that white was the way to go. Boy, did it make a difference! Her room feels so open and fresh now. It's everything I knew it could be. We have a few more little details to add, like a rug and a few pictures but all in all it's a great improvement.
We went with a sort of vintage whimsical theme. I've been collecting funky vintage dolls, barbie cases, and art her whole life and using it as decor. The flea market was my best friend for most of the redesign. We also got a lot of her stuff at Target. Her bedding, lamp, and storage are all pieces from Circo, and I found the fun floral garland by Threshold on clearance for $1.69! What a steal!
I am so happy that this project is basically done and now Marli has a cute little "big girl" room enjoy. She is so happy with how everything turned out and has been spending a lot of time in there playing and relaxing in her new space.
What do you think of her room transformation? Do you have a room in your house that you can't stand? I challenge you to tackle the project, it will make you feel so much better! Trust me!


  1. Looks sooooooo sweet! Lucky little girl to have such a peaceful place to call her own!

  2. You're such a good momma.

    I really try to instill a sense of independence & confidence in my son... but I'm also a control freak. It's hard for me to let go and let him do his thing and I know it'll just got worse as he gets older and starts having an opinion on more things. He's the only person whose opinion I let trump my own ;)


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