Surviving the Icepocalypse

Sunday, January 15, 2017

 This weekend the Midwest was supposed to be hit with one of the worst ice storms we've seen in ten years so we planned a weekend inside away from the elements. We've seen  a little ice and some chilly temperatures but nothing worthy of the hype it got all week...still waiting though! I've been spending as much of my free time as possible knitting lately so when the little babe went down for a nap you better believe I got out my yarn and settled with with a cup of coffee and a project or two. I'm hoping I can wrap up the piece on my needles by the end of the long weekend because I have new yarn on its way to me and I'm excited to use it. Yarn can be so addicting! I have so many skeins lying around and it is always so hard to decide what project to tackle with it. The woes of a crafter!
 I love cozy weekends in with no plans and plenty of time to dedicate to my hobbies. I rush around all week long so when I have the time and the backup in the form of my lovely husband I try to treat myself and take advantage! If there is a positive to dreary weather it's that it gives you an excuse to stay in your pj's and enjoy some down time!  Here's a little peek at my long weekend:
spinning - Rage Against The Machine

knitting - I've been whipping up these easy knit wash cloths a lot lately!

diffusing - Peppermint and Citrus Fresh Young Living Essential Oils

eating - I saw this quick and easy artisan bread recipe on Facebook and it's been our go-to snack all weekend. Add Asiago cheese on the top, you won't be sorry!

drinking -  Sumatra Dark Coffee

enjoying - A little peace and quiet, a little self care goes a long way!

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