Monday, December 10, 2018

What does self-care look like for you? To me, it looks like mindfulness, healthy boundaries, being in touch with my emotions, talking kindly to myself, doing things I love, and so much more. 
I've been feeling this longing call to create a place where women can gather to talk about wellness, self-care, community, and the dreams locked away inside their hearts. A place that feels welcoming, inspiring, and full of love but also gives us the tools and motivation we need to make real and lasting changes in our lives. Oils & Honey was born out of that longing years ago but now I want to take it a step further and invite all of you to join me in this weekly gathering, right in your inbox. 
Each week for the past month I've been sharing self-care tips, simple ways to improve your wellness, motivational quotes, and so much more during a live chat on my instagram account each Sunday night. Each Monday I've been following up those live chats with a newsletter you can read through full of links and tools for you to use. The response & support you all have shown me has absolutely blown me away. I am so honored and humbled to be a part of your journey! 
Since it's been decided that our self-care chats should be a regular thing, I thought that I would share about them and their purpose here for all of you so you can join in on our sisterhood. 
To sign up for our weekly self-care newsletter simply CLICK HERE and enter your email! 

If you've been longing for sisterhood as you walk the path towards a more healthy, whole're in the right place friend.

Want to know when i'll be going live each week to tune in to our Sunday chats?
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I can't wait to share more about self-care with all of you!

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