5 Books to Bring Waldorf Into Your Home.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Books are one of my favorite resources to gather information from. Googling is great for top of the head questions but when I know I'm going to want to reference something back time and time again a book is my go-to. When I was looking to shift our family to a more Waldorf mindset, I gathered a few reads to help me along the way. The advice & information I received in the pages of these books would give me the tools I needed to implement a seasonal and daily rhythm, bring more connection to our family, and give me more understanding into the growth & development of my children's minds. To this day I still pull out these books frequently to find inspiration, to trouble shoot areas that we are still working on, and to reinforce my knowledge of the Waldorf philosophy.
These 5 books are just a jumping off place for you to explore, there are so many amazing books on this subject but I find these are constantly being pulled from the shelves, pages dog-eared and worn.

1. Heaven On Earth - If you have young children, this book is an amazing resource full of so many wonderful parenting tips and advice for you. With everything from ideas for indoor & outdoor play to simple and straight forward ways that you can connect with your children, it's my most reached for "parenting book" of the bunch. I find daily inspiration in the pages and constantly find myself re-reading the wisdom it contains.

2. The Creative Family Manifesto -This book is about enhancing your entire family’s creativity through everyday rituals, art, play and handwork. It is filled with simple tips and inspiration for you to start creating a life for your family that is both beautiful and filled with meaningful connection.

3. The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook -This Handbook is made for homeschoolers but is a wonderful resource for any family wanting to create a more Waldorf environment in their home. It touches on meal planning, self care, daily routines, and so much more!

4. Festivals, Family, & FoodBeing in tune with the rhythm of the seasons is a huge pillar of the Waldorf philosophy. Honoring festivals and seasonal celebrations is a way our children can feel connected to the full cycle of the year and to different cultures & religions around the world. This guide is filled with recipes, games, songs, poems, and more to help your family honor all the festivals & celebrations the year has to offer! 

5. Waldorf Education: A Family Guide - This educational guide is a great starting place for those of you who want to homeschool in a Waldorf style but I also love it for its insight into the different ages and developmental stages of  our children from kindergarten through high school. It gives you a wonderful idea of how your child’s brain is working and the way that they are processing and experiencing the world around them. A must for any parent who wants to take a more gentle and developmentally appropriate approach to learning and parenting.

I hope this list is useful to you and will help you on your journey towards a more Waldorf style home. Do you have any Waldorf parenting books that you love?
Share them with us in the comments!

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